Zsuzsa Racz, founder of HTSC graduated from ELTE Budapest with Master’s both in Chemistry and Physics and her first job was at the Medical Department of the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Research Company in Kobánya, Budapest, collecting and translating materials from pharmaceutical and medical journals that were relevant to the ongoing research at the company at that time. Her second job was at the Chemolimpex International Trading Co, and her last before leaving the country was in the at that time only emerging field of international database research (what was the pre-internet age international computer networks) in databases like for example the database of the Lockhead Co. on behalf of the Hungarian company Compudrug (doing you have guessed computer aided drug research). Zsuzsa in her free time enjoys doing volunteer work at the Museum of the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society. Laszlo, her son got his Master’s from CWRU in computer engineering in 2002, he is our webmaster and localization expert. Ida, her daughter is a senior at Miami University majoring in psychology and journalism, she is our PR and marketing expert. Because we are located in Cleveland with the highest Hungarian population in the United States if need be we have contacts - friends really - who help us out, for example a lady who is an attorney-at-law to providing legal translations.

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