For immigration purposes, let that be application for American citizenship at the USCIS or for Hungarian citizenship at any Hungarian Consulate anywhere in the world, we provide certified translations of Birth and Marriage Certificates, no-record-verifications, criminal record checks, driver licenses, even dog pedigrees, etc.


We can help you discover your Hungarian roots, find long-lost relatives; translate diaries, letters and postcards; birth and other certificates; or whatever you might find among your great-aunt's old box in the attic. We go the extra mile to help you out if you have any type of question, like what the best way is to send money to Hungary, what would be a good gift, etc.


If you need a Hungarian to English or English to Hungarian interpreter, we provide excellent interpretation either in person or through the phone.


We translate any type of legal document, including Power of Attorneys, Prenuptial Agreements, Divorce Decisions, Wills or Estate Distribution documents, Depositions, etc. We also assist in finding heirs and give assistance during the estate probation and inheritance distribution process.


We provide interpretation services over the phone to hospitals all over the USA, and on-site at the Cleveland Clinic and the University Hospital System. We also translate medical records with complete accuracy.


In today's economy you need to send the most accurate message about your company's product and we do take our time to come up with the most creative and effective campaign language for your company.


We have provided translations in various scientific fields on topics ranging from the '56 Hungarian Revolution to whitepapers on the oil and natural gas reserves of Hungary.


Websites, databases, thick-client programs, blueprints, product service and repair manuals - you name it, we look forward to translating it.


We transcribe and translate audio or video files like interviews, television programs, etc. with the sensitivity of the native speaker.

My name is Peggy Benton. I was married for 27 years to a wonderful Hungarian man, until his premature death in 1989. I was at a loss as to how to stay in touch with his family in Hungary. I tried asking his friends and they were helpful for a few years but we lost touch.
I tried several translation services and they did the job, I kept in touch. But several years ago I found Racz Zsuzsa. I am so happy with service that she provides for me. She doesn't just translate the words for me, she helps me to understand the tones of the letter. This is very important to me as my sister-in-law is in her 70's. She provides such a personal touch with the translations. She has helped me with a phone call to Hungary when I could not make the call myself. Her service is absolutely wonderful. I feel that I have a friend translating my letters and I know that each letter my sister-in-law writes to me, she writes a little personal note to Zsuzsa too. A truly personal, wonderful service!
~Peggy Benton